Unilever | Project Sunlight
Under the alias ‘Richard Schrieber’, Richard composed the music to this beautiful worldwide advert.

Chrysler | Chrysler 200 factory
Richard’s track ‘Browsed by None’ was used on this great spot.

IBM | Trade made with IBM Cloud
Richard’s track ‘Golden Histories’ features in this ad.

Sears | Man of Steel Tie-in
Richard’s track ‘Renewed’ was featured on this super TV spot.

National Lottery | National TV Advert
Richard composed the track ‘Could be Magic’ for Camelot’s scratchcard campaign.

Nuremburg Nazis on Trial | Discovery History
Featuring Richard’s track ‘Rush of Blood’ from the album ‘Themes from Dark City

Byzantium | International Trailer
Featuring Richard’s track ‘Fate of Many‘ from the album ‘Themes from Dark City

The Plane Crash | Channel 4 Promo
Richard composed the music to Channel 4’s promo for ‘The Plane Crash’.

Truth or Dare | U.S release
Featuring Richard’s “dark and mesmerising score…that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats – just like a horror score is supposed to!”.

Men in Black 3 | Official Trailer
Featuring Richard’s composition ‘Death Valley’.


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